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Gear your career with the highly professional digital marketing courses that I provide. I, Subho arrange for the most top-notch quality classes and training sessions which are available at affordable prices. My website has indeed received the much deserved fame as well as a lot of positive feedback from the candidates. I also ensure to provide best ambience at the online training sessions of digital marketing courses. This can definitely help the students to feel comfortable and have a soothing learning experience. By attending my training sessions, the learner can get an access to all the interactive digital marketing courses in USA. I also offer demo classes for the personalized digital marketing training. So the learner has the option of attending the demo classes first and then deciding accordingly whether the courses can be beneficial towards the very end.

The students can easily solve all the real-time online assessments which they usually come across during the online marketing applications.

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My training sessions will certainly help you to understand as well as utilize all the digital promotional skills in the most effective way.

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I, Subho ensure that my digital marketing courses will help the students to integrate the skills into the wide range of marketing strategies..

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The candidate will also be able to establish a well reformed Internet Marketing Framework for the desired marketing strategy.

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Why Join the Digital Marketing Training Sessions Organised by Me (Subho)?

Professional Job Assistance

As a professional digital marketing expert, I can totally understand the career priorities much better than anybody else. Therefore, I take full responsibility to guide my students in such a manner so that they can build their job profile in an effective manner. My training sessions will also include providing all the necessary instructions that will help the candidates to reach out to a top-notch company and qualify for the job role. I assure to provide 100% job assistance right after the completion of the digital marketing courses.

Industry Expert Trainer

I have a considerable amount of experience in this particular industry which enables me to arrange for the best digital marketing training sessions for the candidates. The learners can definitely learn all the required skills as well as gain experience in the various cutting edge business technologies. I am committed to my work and therefore ensure to produce the best learning outcomes.

Live Expenditure on Advertisements and Campaigns

The learners can definitely get hold of the real-time experience of working on the field of digital marketing projects via the live practical training sessions. I arrange for some of the best and top-notch quality live project sessions which can give the beginners the perfect opportunity to gain the required experience..

Pocket-friendly Fees in Digital Industry

I charge the most affordable fees for all the digital marketing courses. I, Subho also ensure to arrange for a 10 certification session under a single course. This is done with the help of effective support services, updated LMS as well as excellent delivery methods.

Interviewing the Question-Answer Preparation

I am dedicated enough to help the aspiring candidates in preparing for all the interview sessions. This includes giving them all the necessary knowledge regarding the essential tips and tricks which can help them to crack an interview quite easily. I also arrange for effective training sessions that are essential for preparing the students regarding the basic interview session of question-answers.

Certification for Google Ads and Analytics

I strongly believe that certificates contribute significantly in adding weightage to the candidate's resume. Therefore, I have a partnership with Google which helps to a great extent. This includes acquiring the highest level of certification and experience in the field of Search Engine Advertising along with the experts.

Vital Student Feedback Sessions

I ensure to arrange for candidate feedback sessions right after the completion of every module. I allow my students to share their valuable feedback regarding the various aspects of the training sessions. The learners are also granted access to receive further guidance which can help to clear all their doubts. I make sure that my students gain a complete knowledge regarding digital marketing without any loopholes in the same.

100% Guaranteed Practical Training

I, Subho assure to provide highly professional practical training with every theory module of digital marketing courses. I do so because I understand the importance of practical knowledge nowadays. It plays a vital role in all kinds of digital promotion.

Arrangement of Live Projects for Practical Sessions

As I mentioned before, practical knowledge plays an extremely crucial role in the recent times. Therefore, I ensure to provide mandatory project sessions which can ultimately help them to enhance their digital marketing knowledge. Such projects are also assigned respectively to all the potential candidates.

Access to Google Webmaster

On my website, I provide all the students with a live access to Google Webmaster. This can ultimately help the candidates to gain knowledge about its working patterns as well as structure. I also help the students to learn how to remove various errors pertaining to technical as well as search engine.

Flexibility of Batch Timings

I make sure to arrange for such training sessions which are extremely flexible as far as their timings are concerned. They are arranged based on the conveniences of the students who generally come from different backgrounds. The batch timings are variable which allow each and every candidate to attend all the training sessions as per their convenience.

Student-friendly Ambience

The candidates are provided with 100% assistance as and whenever required during the entire course of the personalized digital marketing training sessions. I assure to provide a complete student-friendly ambience which can definitely help the learners to gain complete knowledge and stand out in the digital marketing industry.

Presentation for Every Module

After the completion of each and every digital marketing module, I ensure that my students gain the required knowledge for making attractive presentations on whatever they have studied so far. This can definitely contribute in making their concepts much more clearer as well as thorough.

Always Opening Doors to Better Opportunities

My training sessions are such that I make sure that they are structured not just for the sake of teaching. As a matter of fact, the courses should be able to bring out the best in every student. Even after the completion of the entire course, I grant access to the students to join the required classes at any time for clarifying any of their doubts.

Internship Opportunities

A proper certification will be awarded to the students right after the completion of the digital marketing training sessions. I will also guide all my potential students to seize the right opportunities and therefore be a part of various live protects. The aspiring candidates will definitely be benefited as I will provide the necessary guidance which will help them to do internships from some of the top-notch companies in the digital marketing industry.

Important Grooming Sessions

I arrange for such vital grooming sessions which will definitely help the candidates to work on their personality development as well as build their resumes in an attractive manner. I will also train the students so that their communication skills are improved and they can therefore be ready for all kinds of interview sessions.

Access to Google Analytics

I, Subho assure to provide all the candidates with a live access to the Google Analytics platform. This can ultimately help them to get accustomed with its structural pattern as well as learn all the techniques required for working on the same.

Updated Tools

A complete exposure is provided to all the students regarding the various updated tools in the digital marketing industry. I also provide the students a complete knowledge regarding how to work with all the updated tools which can definitely benefit them in the long run. I assure to enlighten my students about all the top 50 tools that they need to know about which include Moz, buffer and others.

Micro-sized batches

I conduct all the digital marketing training sessions in small batches. Having a small number of students in every batch means that each and every student is addressed to by the instructor. Such small batches that I arrange for also help the learners to participate in various discussions. This can ultimately drive towards explicating all their evaluations.

Preparation for Placement

After completing the entire course, I ensure to guide my students in the correct path so that they can gain better exposure to high-scale job opportunities. I make sure to examine each of the students thoroughly via effective grooming sessions which can make them ready for any kind of placement interview.
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Top Digital Marketing Courses in USA

Digital Subho is that one stop destination for all your digital marketing training requirements. My website has developed tremendously with every passing day. This has ultimately helped in fulfilling all the requirements of the various changes that has been introduced to the digital marketing course in the last 5 years. I have the necessary experience for providing professional training for digital marketing. My vision mainly lies in growing and reaching out to all those aspiring candidates who wish to make a mark in this field. I wish to bring about this growth with the help of brand new strategies by exploring the core requirements of digital media.

I ensure to provide the best training sessions which can never fail to add attractive prospects in the candidate's career. I also provide a wide range of digital marketing courses modules which are easily available on my website named Digital Subho. With the help of professional digital marketing classes program, the learners will be able to develop the required comprehensive expertise in all the wide range of digital promotions disciples. I provide classes for various professionals including managers, business owners, students, marketers and others. By mastering the digital marketing courses, the candidate will definitely be able to fulfill new heights and prospects.

Role and Responsibilities of Digital Marketers

The digital marketing platform has evolved as a diverse as well as vast marketing field in the recent times. There are various job opportunities which are available in digital marketing. Each of the job position will definitely help the candidate to develop and strategize the required competencies for digital marketing. This particular field has various job functions which include marketing campaigns, managing, developing the required content for an organisation, attracting a wide range of audience through social media and others. The roles and responsibilities of a professional digital marketer mainly include developing eye-catching as well as creative digital marketing strategies for various platforms. This is done mainly by using PPC, SEO, SEM and other such techniques. With the help of my training sessions, I therefore make sure that my learners gain a complete knowledge regarding the correct usage of these techniques. By using PPC, SEO and SEM in the right manner, the digital marketer can draw traffic to the required company website in the most effective manner.

I make sure that the digital marketing course can definitely help the aspiring candidates to become a complete expert in this field. By gaining the required amount of knowledge, the individual will certainly be able to take up a job like managing and promoting brand campaigns and other services of a company. The other crucial responsibilities of a professional digital marketer include-

  • Planning campaigns
  • Analyzing the important metrics and strategies of the company
  • Trend identification in an effective way
  • Using the knowledge of social media and art direction for achieving the objectives of the company

Top-notch Training and Classes for Digital Marketing in Canada at Affordable Prices

I assure to provide the aspiring candidates with the best experience all throughout the journey of the digital marketing training sessions that I arrange for. My training sessions are designed in such a manner that they can never fail to create the right kind of learning environment for all the students. I take complete responsibility in helping all the aspiring learners to become an expert in the digital marketing industry. My students can reach out to me as and whenever required and I guarantee to solve all their queries. I also assure to bridge the gap between the practical as well as the theoretical sessions which can ultimately help to bring out the best in the students. My unique training skills can never fail to make the candidates an expert in this field. The students are also guaranteed with 100% job assistance. After the completion of the entire course, I will always update the learners about any current openings.


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Syllabus and Module Structure of Digital Marketing Courses

I assure to provide the best knowledge to all the learners regarding the various aspects of digital marketing. I also make sure that I don't live out on a single topic while strategizing the course modules for the digital marketing course. This is extremely necessary for becoming a professional digital marketer in today's world. Hence, my class syllabus is designed in an effective manner. It will definitely help the learners to gain a complete idea about the various digital marketing terms, techniques, concepts as well as strategies.

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Digital Marketing Training Programs Eligibility, Career and Job Opportunities

The digital marketing training courses do no require any particular criteria as such. Anyone from 12th passouts to college graduates, or even anyone from the business sectors to the freelancers can easily apply for the digital marketing training sessions. I ensure that the eligibility criteria is not rigid and strict enough so that anyone who is passionate about digital marketing can apply for the courses. The courses are also available for the IT professionals, sales and marketing professionals. The best part about the digital marketing industry is that there is no such hard and fast rule that the candidate needs to be from a technical background.

By excelling the digital marketing courses, the candidate has the USPs of multiple career opportunities along with a high pay scale. My digital marketing training sessions are structured in such a manner so that upon the completion of the courses, the candidates get an access to the lucrative job opportunities. I will help the learners to enhance their skills in this field which can definitely help them to earn immense success in fields like advertising and marketing. In the present times, almost every organizational sector provide a wide range of job opportunities in digital marketing. This particular industry is vast and it is seen to cover almost every sector starting from the IT industry to hospitality. Digital marketing is indeed considered to have a predominant wider scope in some of the major metropolitan countries which mainly include USA and Canada. But apart from the metropolitan areas, this particular industry is also seen to evolve gradually in the small cities where an individual can definitely start off the career as a freelancer.

The digital marketing courses are available for the following types of individuals belonging to various professions

The various job sectors in which a candidate can easily apply for after the completion of the digital marketing courses include the following

Why Choose the Digital Marketing Courses in USA?

If you wish to start off your career as a business man, but you do not know the right ways of promoting your services, then my training courses will definitely solve all your worries. Instead of opting for the traditional methods of promotion, I will train my learners regarding the various aspects of digital marketing which help them to stay ahead in the game. I assure to provide the best personalized digital marketing training sessions in the market. It is with the help of a complete knowledge in digital marketing that an individual can definitely witness the business undergoing rapid growth. This is because the business owners can reach out to the masses digitally. My training sessions will make sure that all the aspiring candidates are completely job-ready. The courses will also equip the learners with an in-depth understanding regarding the ways in which one can run the firm successfully.

The digital marketing industry is also seen to occupy a remarkably high position on a global scale. It is highly on-demand among the wide range of organizational sectors on a worldwide basis. The established as well as the new forms of businesses are seen to shift their advertising campaigns from the offline platforms to the online ones. This is helping them to reach out to a wider scale of audience. The certified digital marketing courses that I provide will never fail to give the candidates the valuable opportunity of standing out from the ordinary masses. This entirely due to the reason that this particular field is booming in the job market.

I assure to provide comprehensive training sessions which can be well understood by all the candidates. It will not much time for the candidates to grasp the knowledge as well as understand all the necessary concepts. Also, it is not necessary for the candidates to have a prior technical background for pursuing a career in digital marketing. If an individual does not wish to work for someone at a company, then he or she can definitely try working as a freelancer at first and build their own start-up.

Why and How will My Training Sessions on Digital Marketing Help to Bring Out the Best in the Learners?

One of the most important aspects about Subho is uniqueness of my website which mainly originates from the fact that I enforce upon the importance of practical as well as hands on experience of the candidates. I believe that after the completion of theoretical sessions, the practical experience plays a huge role in helping the learners to get ready to face the vast range of career opportunities effectively. The following are some of the unique aspects that I pay special attention to which eventually makes my training programs different from the rest-

The following are some of the major reasons why my training sessions can never fail to reach out to the learners and help them become experts in this field-

  • Determination of the best possible ways for strengthening the online presence of the learners
    The primary stage of my digital marketing training sessions involve gathering all the necessary information regarding each of the learner’s journey so far. It is right after this preliminary stage that I start working hard for the development of a customised strategy that can definitely help to bring the learners to the limelight. This can then help to cast an incredible impact on the respective careers of the candidates.
  • Complete assurance of helping the students to reach the target audience and capture their attention
    It is completely with the help of my personal branding and the effective training sessions that I will be able to throw light upon the expertise of the candidates. I ensure to make this essential exposure upto the level of the potential audience base. This will also help them to search for all the bright candidates on various social media platforms which will ultimately lead to search engine optimization of the respective online portals. This is one of the crucial aspects that you need to know about Subho.
  • Fulfilling the objective of ensuring that the audiences reach out to the potential candidates while searching on Google
    I have a complete knowledge regarding the constant changes which are brought up in the functioning of the Google algorithm. Therefore, I ensure to work hard enough so that I can come up with all the possible tactical methods that can definitely help my clients to appear right on top of the search engine results.
  • Effective and consistent empowerment of the learner’s position with the help of relevant and positive content creation
    It is a well-known fact that content is the real king. But as far as personal branding is concerned, content rules out as the ultimate emperor. Therefore, I ensure to look after the empowerment of the position of all the potential candidates on Digital Subho. I make sure to do so by engaging all the search engine optimized content which can successfully capture the attention of the masses.
  • Building a strong foundation for the amplification of the effective career opportunities
    I make the best possible efforts to help my students understand the importance of reaching out to the potential audience for earning the desired recognition. Therefore, with the help of my effective digital marketing training sessions, I will definitely help my learners to build that required foundation for maximizing their truest potential. This can also help them to increase their followers which will ultimately start turning tables for them. This is exactly what you need to know about Subho that makes it stand apart from the rest.
  • Elimination of any kind of damaging content on the internet for preventing the occurrence of any kind of adverse impact on your career
    I ensure to use a wide range of technologically advanced tools for monitoring the presence of my learners on the web for any type of content which might create a negative impact on their brands. This can otherwise be extremely dangerous for their reputation and therefore it must be eliminated for minimizing the damage.
  • Provision of progress reports for keeping a track on the growth rate from time to time

Frequently Asked Questions

I assure to provide the best knowledge to all the learners regarding the various aspects of digital marketing. I also make sure that I don't live out on a single topic while strategizing the course modules for the digital marketing course. This is extremely necessary for becoming a professional digital marketer in today's world. Hence, my class syllabus is designed in an effective manner. It will definitely help the learners to gain a complete idea about the various digital marketing terms, techniques, concepts as well as strategies.

Digital marketing basically refers to a particular component in the marketing field that make use of the online as well as internet oriented digital technologies. They include computers, smartphones and various other platforms for promoting their products and services effectively. By pursuing the digital marketing training sessions, one can definitely succeed in reaching out to a wide range of audience on a global scale. This particular method is considered to be cost-effective as well as measurable.

Any individual can pursue the digital marketing courses. As a matter of fact, buisness owners and entrepreneurs are generally seen to seek for experienced digital marketers so that they can support them during the promotional activities.
I will be providing 10 certificates to the students after the completion of the digital marketing courses. They will basically consist of 9 certificates from Google itself and the other one will be provided by me under the name of my website. This will definitely help the students to get identified as a Google partner after getting hold of all these 10 certificates which will also enhance their job prospects to a great extent.
Yes, I guarantee to provide 100% placement assistance to my students after completing the course.
A wide range of opportunities will be available for the candidates who can qualify for a secured job at a top-notch company. The candidate can attain the post of SEO analyst, digital marketing executive, PPC expert, SEO executive and various others. So as far as job opportunities and career options are concerned, digital marketing definitely opens a sea of opportunities for the candidates.
Yes, I will provide extremely informative study materials that will help to strengthen the knowledge of the students regarding digital marketing. Study materials are available for every module of the syllabus


Know About Me

Subho Founder & CEO

you need to know that I assure to provide excellent sessions on digital marketing that can reach out to the masses of USA, UK and Canada and help the passionate ones to build a strong career in this industry. The journey of building my own digital marketing website started initially for a personal cause. The website was mainly built by me for writing and storing various notes on digital marketing for my future reference. However, as time went by, I realised my passion for passing on my knowledge about this particular field to all such individuals who equally look forward to making a mark in this industry. Apart from this, I am also trying to publish few books based on the various aspects of digital and content marketing. The books will also contain information about the workshops that I will be conducting. The students can easily visit the top articles page on Digital Subho and get an idea about where to start from.

I am also making necessary arrangements so that I can successfully launch a digital marketing course which will be completely free of cost. This will definitely help the learners to get further exposure into the field of digital marketing. So you should stay tuned and check on all the details that are available on my website which can certainly help you to stay ahead in the game.

Digital Marketing Business Efficiency

Efficiency in the field of digital marketing mainly throws light upon the fact that all the aspiring candidates run after big wins which come along their way faster. An efficient digital marketer will focus on putting in such efforts which will help to produce maximum positive results. Therefore, a keen digital marketing efficiency is measured on the basis of this theory wherein the individual is seen to lead the company's marketing strategies into the digitalized ecosystem.

The wide range of digital marketing campaigns are seen to undergo a constant shift. This is because they wish to keep pace with the high rising competition as well as adapt to new aspects for fitting perfectly into the requirements of the industry. The various marketing teams in this particular setting are expected to have the required versatility for developing the executive and evaluating the marketing campaigns. I am extremely aware of all these factors and I ensure to take up my training sessions keeping all of these aspects in mind.

Internet Marketing Course for Professionals, Entrepreneurs, and Students

It is quite a common idea that the digital marketing professionals of the modern times will have all the required skills in various fields. This includes knowledge about analytics, copywriting, creative direction, sales, digital media and a lot more. Unless and until one is willing to invest a significant amount of money as well as time in a college degree, he or she will definitely need to reach out to other efficient ways in a competitive market.

With the gradual uprising of more and more buisness sectors which are resorting to the internet for the generation of sales, the need for digital marketing experts have also increased to a great extent. This particular industry is extremely fast-paced where it is seen to undergo frequent changes in order to fulfill the requirements of the modern digitalized world. They also come across various challenges which they target at solving as soon as possible and thereby generating a potentially lucrative income.

The following are the few things that I will advise my students to do in order to launch a career in digital marketing at the moment-

  • The candidate should create an effective online presence.
  • One should have the knowledge regarding all the latest trends in the digital marketing industry.
  • The individuals should focus upon using their personal creativity.
  • The candidate should aim at creating a wining resume.
  • One should get out there and work on his or her networking sites.
  • He or she should learn about the various aspects of analytics.
  • The individuals should definitely earn some experience.
  • One should say “Yes” to anything and everything.

Which Countries I Aim at Providing these Digital Marketing Training Programs

I wish to reach out to all the aspiring candidates residing in various parts of USA, UK, Canada and India through my detailed and comprehensive digital marketing training sessions. I want to bring out the best in them who wish to create a mark in this rapidly growing industry. I have designed my training programs which can be easily accessed by the people of California, New York, Washington, Minnesota, Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Georgia, Mississippi, Ohio and various other such parts of USA. People from Cambridge, Derby, Glasgow, Liverpool, Oxford and Perth can also attend my online training sessions for digital marketing. The courses are also available for the residents of Alberta, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Nunavut and Yukon.

Clients' Feedback